I’m stepping fully out of my comfort zone to go to this church game night thing tonight.

My headache has receded to where it just kind of sits and makes me feel sort of spacey, but not full-on pain, so I should be okay.

“Normal” mood Kim is fine with meeting new people in almost any environment and getting along with anyone, but “depressed” Kim has a harder time.

“Depressed” Kim wants to stay in her room under the covers and hide for the rest of the day with her bear (the bear thing may be a slight exaggeration as he normally spends time on a shelf). She is not interested in new people and frankly, it’s terrifying.

It’s exactly why she needs to be dragged out though.

Sooooo yeah. I’m going to this game night because what could be more harmless than 3 hours of board games with church people? I like churches, someday I want to go back to one, so I mean how bad could it be? I’m sure the people are lovely.

I will not lie and say that my anxiety is not through the roof. It is.

I’m still going.

Photo by me.


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