Notes 🎶

It’s amazingly powerful to me how music can Evoke such strong emotions.

I know for me, my mood can sometimes change with just the tempo of a song or the key it’s written in. I even have playlists specifically designed for whatever mood I happen to be in at the time.

Sometimes, listening to a different mood playlist can help me to change the one I’m in. It’s not always the case, but it does work from time to time. I’m a huge believer in music therapy.

Creating a playlist is pretty easy with today’s technology and it’s made a huge difference in my life. I know I’ve had friends that have done it for themselves who really appreciated the benefits as well.

A Key thing to remember though is try not to add music to a “depressed” playlist that is going to deepen your depression, music to an “angry” playlist that will ramp up your anger, etc. I find it useful to have expressive songs that maybe help me express those feelings without drowning in them. Everyone knows where that line is for them.

I just know how large of a role music plays in my life and mental health. Maybe it can help someone else.

Older original art by me


2 thoughts on “Notes 🎶

  1. I find if I aim the perkiness of the playlist too high above what I’m feeling it grates on me, so it can take some playing around. I’m glad it’s so easy now to put a playlist together. Definitely a step up from mixed tapes back in the day 😉

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