Progress: 1/9

I decided not to go to a movie today because the sun is out! Seems like a dumb way to spend the first sunny day in what seems like forever.

Instead, I’m working on another silly collage.

I cleaned in the old bedroom.

I did a load of laundry.

I went to lunch with my oldest friend and we had a great time. She and I had a great conversation. We have a lot of give and take and she always knows just the right thing to say. I told her I was nervous about the art class I start on Thursday, and about how I have a tendency to flake out on things, and she reminded me that I’m doing it for myself. I don’t have to “produce” for anyone but me or get a grade even. It’s something I’m doing just for me and so I need to see it that way.

I kind of lost that somehow. It started to become something I was doing to prove to everyone else that I could, and then I could feel the pressure mounting. She saw that right away and helped me to reframe that. It was really helpful.

We also talked about her kids and her family and all kinds of things, and it was just really nice to connect.

This collage thing won’t take me too terribly long, but I’m definitely going to be able to find other things to do today.

I’m still pretty tired after yesterday, and I know I will be up early tomorrow because my med review that I’m still fairly anxious, (but much less so), about is then. I’ll probably decide to go to sleep early tonight knowing all of that.

That’s the plan.

Hope you are all having lovely days!


Photo by me!


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