I think I might be Allergic to my emotions. I mean to say, I avoid them at all cost and I spend my time overthinking things instead. If I do get into an emotional place, they can make me have a physical response or really throw me for a loop.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that my thoughts tend to drive my emotional state. I don’t generally have emotions that I haven’t thought about for a minute. That doesn’t mean that they are rational thoughts or that they are productive thoughts in any way, it’s just that for me, thoughts tend to drive emotion. I get lost in my own head a lot that way.

I can also sometimes become emotionally blank that way as well. If something is too overwhelming or I know is going to bring up too much emotion, I will just avoid it. That’s what I mean by “allergic.” I don’t want to feel intense emotion at all. I certainly don’t want anyone else to know I’m experiencing intense emotion.

That goes back to the vulnerability theme of the last day, but it still holds true.

Regardless, I was inspired by the Daily Prompt: Allergic.

Image from Pixabay

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