I found seven months of mood charts from 2016. What a trip. Really. I was a hot mess.

I’m currently entering them into excel though to see if there are any patterns that I can compare this last year to. I only have four months from this last year, but it’s data sets.

I know. I’m a nerd.

Some of the correlations have been interesting though. The anxiety vs mood graph from this past year is fascinating. Every time my anxiety was high, my mood was crap. It makes sense, but it was really interesting.

Anyway, that’s the project I got sidetracked on today. I have already attacked my old bedroom. Still need to shower and go to the pharmacy , but I have to wait for the neighborhood plow trucks to come through before I can really go anywhere.

Watching the rose 🌹 parade and waiting for football. Hope you all are having a good day!!!


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