Easily my favorite thing in the world is to have a Conversation with someone. This can even be a total stranger. In fact, I adore getting to know new people.

I used to travel alone in my braver days mostly because it opened up the opportunity to meet new people and have conversations with them.

I used to be impetuous and spontaneous and would get off the plane somewhere in Europe with a backpack on my back and no clear destination in mind. I would look for the local pubs, (as opposed to the touristy ones), and find some of the most fascinating hidden treasures.

I found lodging that way, amazing little sights I would have never found in a guidebook, and beautiful rainbows of people from all walks of life that I would have never met otherwise.

I love going off the beaten path to meet people. I do this in small towns in America too. I have always found the local bar to be the best place to do this, even though I don’t drink really anymore. It’s still a great place to meet people and gather local information. Maybe that’s just the ex-bartender in me.

Regardless, I try to never be in such a hurry that I don’t have a few minutes to stop and talk to a new person. Some people find me obviously annoying, but most are genuinely happy to have a chance to talk about themselves.

Everyone wants to be listened to.


10 thoughts on “Favorite

  1. I do too! And it’s true the greatest wish people have is to be heard. Almost 100 percent t of the time someone is being am asshole it’s because of this lol

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  2. This post makes me excited for travel this year. I have not yet traveled fully alone, but your post evoked the feelings I felt going to the local (no tourist) bars in Chiang Mai with my Thai friends from the nearby university. Connecting and listening. There is certainly time to spare in this life for that.

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