I attacked the scary monster that was my old room and it wasn't so bad. I mean, the room is still full of junk, but I collected the agreed upon two loads of crap and hauled it to the room I live in now and put it away. I've also sorted more things to donate … Continue reading Alright


I want to take the time to write a book but I'm not sure anyone would stop to look through the pages of a fractured mind even though I hope they'd find there's more to me than ups and downs more than simple smiles and frowns A world of dreams inside my head Maybe not … Continue reading Rhyme


I created this particular piece of art back in August when I was just beginning to see hope again. Back then, it felt like I was teetering on the edge of something that was going to be big in my life. I was right. My life has taken so many directions since then that I … Continue reading Hope

Update: Real

It occurs to me that I didn't really update you guys after my post Real, and I thought I should do that. I talked to my therapist about the passive thoughts and she was really unconcerned. We talked about how I was able to move on from them and continue with my day for the … Continue reading Update: Real


I feel like it's obligatory to review and reflect upon the past year. It's definitely been a year of mixed blessings. I've had a challenging year full of pitfalls and traumatic mood episodes, but it's also been a year of connections with great friends, providers, and personal growth. Over half of the year has been … Continue reading Review

Goals: 12/30

Okay, let's try this again. Yesterday I went half of the day with my goals post with the wrong date. I had to double check today's date twice to make sure I didn't do that again. Today, I am doing much of what I said I was going to do yesterday originally. This means: I … Continue reading Goals: 12/30


I'm getting pretty good at this killing time at night thing. Usually I fall asleep no problem and wake up three hours later, but tonight I'm still wide awake. I'm so tired, but I'm past the point of exhaustion. I'm like twitchy because I'm so worn out. I can't even focus on anything really for … Continue reading Insomnia


It's going to look like this again outside today and I decided I just don't care. It's winter. I am going to be brave and live my life. I can't hide every time it snows this winter or I will have cabin fever in the worst way. No thanks. So I am putting my big … Continue reading Bravery