I jinxed myself earlier when I said today was flying by. It has now come to a very sloooooooow crawl.

I am just not feeling like partying. I thought about going downtown for the fireworks tonight, but windchills are supposed to be -10 to -20F tonight (that’s -23 to-29C for the rest of the world). They are forecasting 0 to -5 as the air temp. That’s just too cold to enjoy fireworks and fight to get back to my car. Not to mention the unending snow.

I think I am going to get roped into helping to make snacks with my parents for later, but I’m not even close to hungry. We already ate dinner, and that’s usually enough for me. I can’t imagine eating again.

Do I want any cheese with this whine?

I know.

I’m just in a funk for whatever reason. I may call it a night very early just because I can.

I’m kind of done with the tears.

Image from Pixabay

4 thoughts on “Jinxed

  1. A very old post here lol. I saved some and am only answering them now. Did not want to delete them though 😛 anyway, those temps you had back in dec were ooooh so cold! donno how you stuck them! xo

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