I really need to do some actual research into my secondary diagnosis of insomnia. I have done tons of research on Bipolar Disorder, but not really any on insomnia.

This seems like a problem now since it is getting to the point where it would be Miraculous if I got more than three hours of sleep at one time.

My therapist is pretty sure it is not a “therapy” issue and is instead potentially part of me cycling a little. So that’s fun. I’m not really enthusiastic about that idea at all, but it is what it is. That makes it a psychiatrist problem.

All I know is I am ready to get solid sleep.


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9 thoughts on “Sleep?!

  1. I notice that my sleep patterns go in cycles and at present it’s the same as this time last year…being awake for hours in the middle of the night or the early hours. Having heavy blankets on me helps, as does rescue remedy if I’m at all anxious.

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  2. I remember those days. I’m happy to say I generally get a solid 9-10 hours a night now. It didn’t use to be that way though. I would sleep in 1 or 2 hour chunks. With an hour between them. Not conducive at all. It helped that my sleep apnea got diagnosed; that fixed the problem of me not sleeping through the night. However, I still need a sleep aid to get tired. If I didn’t take one, I wouldn’t get tired. I would be up all damn night. Now that I found out I have ADHD, it has all finally clicked for me, as my head doesn’t stop. But when mania hits, sleep aid or none, I’m not sleeping. And that is frustrating. I hope you catch a good chunk of zzzzzz’s soon.

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