Do you ever just feel like you want to make your mark on the world somehow?

For some people, that is leaving a legacy of children behind. For others, it’s writing a novel or a song. For some rare folks, it’s inspiring Legend.

Some legends are well known, and some are simply family ones, but regardless, those people go onto live in the memories of people long after they have passed.

My great grandfather was such a man. He was a character by all accounts. Previously married and conceiving my grandfather out of wedlock, he worked in Wyoming as a cattle rancher, served in the Arctic Circle in Russia during World War I, held many many jobs throughout his life and died in the middle of telling one of his tall tales.

I never had the pleasure of meeting this man, as he passed before I was born, but I feel like I knew him just from the stories my family tells.

I don’t really aspire to legendary status, but I would like to leave something behind when I leave this planet. I don’t intend to have children so that legacy is not for me. Perhaps that is partly the purpose of this blog: me carving out a bit of posterity if that’s possible.

Just a thought for the day inspired by the daily prompt: Legend.

Image from Max Pixel

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