Here’s an admission not everyone is comfortable making: I have been known to hear voices from time to time.

It usually happens when I am extremely episodic (manic or in a mixed mania state) and I don’t hear “command” voices telling me to do things.

I experience voices as maybe a Snippet of a sentence, usually in a voice of someone friendly to me. I never “hear” a full sentence and I never really know exactly what the voice is referring to or “trying to say.”

It’s usually very random like “…to the store to pick up…” and that’s all I will hear. It’s very like suddenly the person blinked into my room like magic mid sentence and then blinked out again. I can always identify who I thought I heard, but then that person is nowhere near me.

I kind of liken it to when phones used to be less reliable and sometimes other people’s conversations would bleed in and you would hear little sections of their sentences. It’s very much like that.

For me, it’s just an annoyance and something that tells me, like a thermometer, how sick I am. I know that I am in trouble if this starts happening to me. It’s pretty rare.

I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be for people who hear voices that tell them things about themselves or that tell them to do things. That would be really difficult. I know people who live with voices on a pretty regular basis though and they tell me that it is something that they learn to live with.

Regardless, the stigma surrounding this kind of thing is real. I recently saw a game for sale in the store that had a cover that looked like this:

The implication here is not good.

Hopefully, people can learn that voices are not like movies and people can live lives despite them.

Stigma sucks.

First image artwork by me.

Second image photo taken in store by me.

20 thoughts on “Voices

  1. I too hear things. I almost/sometimes contribute mine to being able to sense “others.” Shuffling, breathing, and air moving (if that makes sense!).
    I can usually tell the difference between me hearing things and “hearing things.” Lol when it’s full on voices, even snippets, I know that my mania has taken a turn and I need to take a breather and relax. Unfortunately, I think that it may also mean that I’ll have to switch from mood stabilizers to anti-psychotics.
    You are not alone!

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  2. Interesting. I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard voices, outside of a time or two hearing someone call my name and it waking me up from sleep, but no one is there. That is always weird. I assume it is something from a dream, but who knows.

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    1. I have the sleep thing happen more frequently. I think that is more of a dream thing. I’ve mentioned it to my pdoc a few times and she doesn’t really ever seem to think it’s a thing, I’m sure opinions vary on that though and it would also depend on your history too.
      I am most definitely not a source of psychiatric advice lol.

      I’ve just had the voice or knocking or doorbells or all kinds of things wake me up from sleep that aren’t really there. That is unsettling for sure, but like you said probably a dream thing.


      1. Yeah. Like I said though, I brought it up to my doc.

        I don’t know what a big or little thing is for you.

        It’s so dependent on the person and your past history etc. Not to worry you though.

        Like any health thing though, if it’s something that concerns you, you should definitely mention it. It’s not something that should elicit a giant reaction from a provider.

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  3. I used to hear things, now I just see things. I would hear voices whispering. I could never make out what they were saying, but I could hear them whispering. I think I prefer to see things. When I see things, I know it’s not real. But when I hear things it makes me question my sanity.

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    1. I have a friend who sees things and says it doesn’t bother her. I will see shadows of things if I am very sick and paranoid. Usually when I am mixed. I can’t say I especially enjoy it. The random stray voice doesn’t bother me much but it’s likely because I’m usually manic when it happens so not a lot bothers me anyway. I just kind of know that I need to report it to my doctor if it happens now because it’s a warning sign for me.

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      1. I’m glad you report it. So many people don’t report hallucinations (auditory or visual) because they are afraid they are going to get locked up.

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      2. Lol. I’ve had myself locked up. Several times. It’s not so bad. I needed to be there when I was. I hope I don’t ever need to go back, but that’s because I hope I’m not ever that sick again.

        Mostly it’s like bad summer camp. Some of the other campers are SUPER odd, some are really nice, some of the camp “counselors” are cool and one or two are not so much, the food is… iffy, the arts and crafts is the best part and you are really glad to go home. It’s less scary after the first couple of hours than you’d think.

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  4. hearing voices can be so scary sometimes we hear voices that say negtative things about us this can be frightening, one of my alters also has hallucinations and hears people talking to her and telling her to hurt herself. xx

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