My room is a mess, my head is a mess, my stomach, my bed… why did I wake up this morning?


I am so tired. I stayed up late watching a movie with a friend and so I took my meds late. This means I still have that “med hangover” this morning, but I’m awake at my usual time no matter what. It’s bullshit really. Sorry for the swearing. My mouth is less constrained when I am tired.

As for the room… ugh. I need to clean. I know I do. There have just been 6,982 other things that NEED to be done that we’re seemingly more important and I also have to have a little down time. I cannot run wall to wall. I just can’t.

It’s possible to overwhelm me with projects and that’s kind of what is happening at my house at the moment. We have trees and organizational things and other projects and so my room kind of falls by the wayside until someone yells at me about it and then I have to find time from somewhere to work on it. It’s not like I don’t feel the pressure all of the time. From everything.

I woke up this morning feeling sick. I’m hoping that is from eating a giant plate of Thai food last night and not from something else.

Ah well. Maybe it’s just time to try to go back to sleep.

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