Please don’t buy gifts for your friends or loved ones that are stigmatizing like this horrible game I saw at the store the other day.

While the premise of this game seems to be something similar to the old “telephone” game, the packaging is abhorrent.

I was not formerly someone who thought about the stigma created by things, or how a community could be misrepresented by something as simple as a board game cover, but I realize now how harmful these subtle messages can be.

I used to roll my eyes at people like me for “making a big deal out of nothing,” but it’s not this one game that is the problem. It’s the accumulation of all of the little things like it that help to shape the general public’s view of what is acceptable when it comes to stigma. Board games like this lead to Halloween costumes like this:

Clearly the costume isn’t okay.

So yeah. Please don’t encourage toy makers and stores by purchasing garbage like the game above. It may seem funny or silly, but it is really harmful in the end.

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