Midday: 11/14

I have really only accomplished “rest” on my goals today.

I’m still in my pajamas and still sitting on my bed.

I did make some art, but I forgot to take a picture before I put it away. It’s just a goofy Christmas tree. I’ll get a snap of it soon.

I really haven’t done much else today. I am kind of “stuck.”

Thankfully, I have things to do tomorrow and Thursday, so I can get out of this pattern. Maybe I just needed a down day.

Perhaps I will get out later. Maybe. We’ll see.

Picture from wikimedia


4 thoughts on “Midday: 11/14

  1. It is ok to have down days. Therapy has taught me I just need to be ok with that and not think during my down day I should be out doing what I wanted to accomplish – what kind of down day is that? 🤔 I know how you feel (or can relate to what you write – can’t say to anyone I know exactly how they feel). Hey if you can accept it is ok to have a down day, I can accept that advice I’ve been given so many times. Stay strong! You are so strong already by sharing.

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