I, along with several people that I know who live with Bipolar Disorder, have had to face all kinds of consequences due to this illness.

Sometimes those consequences are financial and bankruptcy after manic spending, sometimes they are involvement with the court system due to out of control behavior, sometimes it’s STI testing due to poor decision making and impulsive unprotected sex.

None of these consequences that I have seen or experienced myself are fun or seem like a good time. They are usually the result of the poor judgement that goes along with manic/hypomanic episodes and they can destroy a life (see Definitions: Mania).

It seems like a lot of people don’t have any compassion for these consequences and take a “well what did you expect?” kind of position on many of these behaviors. I can understand where those people are coming from if they are talking about the general population I suppose, but when you put mental illness into the equation, everything changes.

We are not always able to control our impulsive behavior. We are not always able to stop ourselves from shopping, spending, gambling, eating, drinking, sleeping with multiple partners, shoplifting, using recreational drugs, etc. All of the things deemed “immoral” by societal standards, and yet our brains are wired to seek them out for the thrill or the high.

The consequences can be mild or they can be deadly, but the stigma attached makes it even worse. Be nice to people because you don’t know what they are going through. Stop judging people based on what you think you see.

Just a thought I had today.

Image from Pixabay


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