I broke down and took some pseudoephedrine because I feel so awful. There are a couple of reasons that I hate doing this:

First, it has the slight potential to be activating and send me upwards into mania/hypomania and my mood is super sensitive to substances.

Two, I have like three little 12 hour pills that I can find and going to buy more is horrific. I hate going to the pharmacy and asking for it because they treat you like some kind of meth dealer. Like really, no. I can’t deal with the fact that everything is swimming around my head and that other crap in the stuff you can buy without knowing my entire life history is proven in study after study to be garbage. It makes me want to go to the doctor and take up someone’s time just to get a prescription so I don’t have to go through that. Ugh.

The stupid part is, I feel a little bit better. I still want to nap, but I feel less like trash. So there’s that.

Oh well. Maybe I’ll go to the pharmacy tomorrow or Tuesday if I don’t feel better…

Picture citation somewhere else on my blog… (I can’t find it right now, but I’ve used it before)…


3 thoughts on “Sudafed

    1. I’m not sure it would have that effect in a ton of people. It just is something that makes your blood pressure go up and your heart race increase and it has the potential to speed you up some. I have to be really really careful.

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