I feel all spinny and just physically unwell. I’m getting some kind of crud. I don’t know what is wrong, but it must be some kind of upper respiratory thing. My head feels congested and I feel atrocious. All I want to do is sleep.

And cry.

Sinus stuff triggers migraines for me so I have that to look forward to. I can already feel my mood tanking because of this, but that’s just because I am physically run down. It’s temporary.

I just don’t feel well <insert whimpering sound here>.

Off to sleep my day away with my head that feels like 10,000 pounds.


6 thoughts on “Official…

  1. Ah so sorry. I get awful headaches from the minor cold to allergies to just the weird damp dreary misty type rain. Certainly by no means even always good solutions for myself, but for allergies, mangosteen juice (it’s in vitamin stores typically) has been good at times and also congestion, lemon ginger tea with candy ginger broken up in pieces in it and raw honey. I love bigelow for the lemon ginger tea, the ginger people for the ginger candy (but you can get other brands just get one that can be broken in pieces to put in the tea), and really raw honey for the raw honey. All on amazon or Whole Foods. I was a skeptic but tried and clears sinuses so well I kick myself for not using it more. Feel better!

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      1. Here ya go…

        Ginger candy (break it in tiny pieces and it won’t dissolve but trust me it helps and other brands work as long as you can find something to easily break in tiny pieces which this does)

        The honey I love – but it’s local so that is supposed to help for allergies:

        The tea and I’m going to have to recommend this brand because I’ve tried plenty of lemon ginger and that’s weird to admit but more I couldn’t find this one and others are not as good:

        Sorry for long links but hope it helps!!

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