This is Lunesta. It’s psych med #26 that I cannot take as I am miserably finding out tonight.

This doesn’t count things like Benadryl, steroids, all types of nausea meds and many others that I can’t take either.

For the Lunesta, it’s supposed to knock me out and make me sleep.

I took it three and a half hours ago.

The only thing I’ve noticed is that I am pissed off and that my eyes are on FIRE. My mom had some eye drops and those seem to have helped to abate some of the flames.

My mouth was expectedly like cotton, because what med doesn’t give you cotton mouth? I just wasn’t expecting to have Superman laser eyes.

The not sleeping part is also trash, along with the itchy and the agitation. I can live without all of that.

I’m now not going to sleep for crap staying up worried about how else this drug might try to kill me, so that’s fun. I’m really just hoping to avoid the ER with this.

I don’t think it’s ER worthy at this point. Just my eyes are really annoying. I’m sure eventually here I will be tired enough to sleep in some shape or form. We are close to my latest bedtime…


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