This is my Grandpa on a day a couple of years ago when I was able to arrange for him to ride in a WWI era Stearman bi-plane for a while one gorgeous summer day. There is a man near where I live who takes WWII and Korean War veterans up for free to fly them over the city and show them a good time.

My grandpa thought it was a hoot. He is 91 in this picture.

He served in the pacific riding in the gun turrets of B-25s. I can’t even imagine.

This year my Grandpa got to go to the WWII memorial in Washington, D.C. as part of an “honor flight” where they fly these old timers out for free and take them to the WWII memorial for the day. It was quite the event with a big send off and a huge heroes’ welcome when they came home.

My other Grandpas also served in the War, but they have both passed now. Both of them also in the pacific.

I will likely lose this Grandpa this coming year. I love him to pieces. I’m so glad he has had the chance to do all of the things in his later years that he has wanted to do. My Grandmother was with him until just four years ago and they traveled and danced and stayed active in their church.

Hug a veteran today. That is someone’s Grandfather or Father or Brother or Uncle or Son or Mother or Aunt or Sister or Daughter.



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