Goals: 11/11

I have been struggling with goal setting today. Part of that is that it is the weekend. I have smaller goals today:

  • Work on coping cards for therapy.
  • Laundry-especially my art sheet that I use as a drop cloth because it is a hot mess.
  • Get my winter coat ready for winter and stock it with my gloves etc.
  • Find my hat and scarf.
  • Movie with a friend.

I guess goal setting wasn’t so hard once I started doing it. Some of those seem like easy goals, but it’s important not to overwhelm myself. I am starting this goal thing every day because it holds me accountable. “Movie with a friend” may seem like a reward, but I know that I may want to stay curled up in my house today and maintaining friendships is important, so it’s important that I achieve that goal.

They all have a purpose. Hopefully I can stay on task today.

Image from Wikimedia


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