My stupid nemesis caffeine is biting me in the ass. I know better than to drink more than my one cup of adulterated (see Poor) coffee in the morning and maybe a 12 Oz soda before 1pm.

What did I drink today after 1pm? A Red Bull around 2pm and two giant glasses of Mt. Dew of all things around 8pm.


So I can feel the tired behind my eyes, but there’s no sleeping happening. I made some fun art in the spirit of Thanksgiving (see In-Progress) because I am grateful.

I of course also forgot to take my meds until very late so…

I really hope there is something mildly entertaining that I can binge until I am bored enough to sleep on Netflix. I noticed new baking shows. Enough to entertain me but not enough to make me want to stay awake to finish the season.

Today was the birthday of one of my dearest friends that I lost to cancer almost exactly three years ago. I miss him terribly. I managed to make it through today without a lot of tears though and I spent the majority of it with a recently made friend. We watched a movie and went and got snacks. It was nice.

I just should have avoided the Mt. Dew at the restaurant. I know better, but I never go out anymore.

Oh well.

Image from Pixabay


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