I have to admit that when I’m manic, I am probably annoying to some people.

Not only do I Strut around like the hottest thing to hit the block, but I also ramble in racing tirades that I can’t control.

I remember clear moments in my life where people have told me that they can’t understand me because I was speaking too quickly or where I was talking and couldn’t seem to make myself stop even though I knew the other person desperately wanted me to.

There was one job I had as a teenager where I was threatened with termination if my boss saw me with a caffeinated beverage because he thought that I was abusing caffeine pills. I wasn’t, but I was so manic he didn’t know what else to attribute it to.

Mania is not all of the fun that people think it might be. It’s not even somewhere to try to get to. The psychosis that can accompany it is terrifying and the rage that can come along with it is equally so.

I wish it were as simple as “it’s the opposite of depression,” but it doesn’t exactly work that way.

Even I can forget that sometimes.

Inspired by the daily prompt: Strut.

Image from public domain pictures.

10 thoughts on “Annoying

  1. Me thinks you look cool when you strut (I know, how do I know? Because I can imagine),
    more important, you feel better when you strut,
    therefore do not care about what people think about you
    just go ahead and do it.

    Liked by 1 person

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