Sometimes I feel like this in the morning. I have to Gingerly test the waters to see how I’m doing because if I try to rush out of bed too quickly, not only can my knees give out, but my mood might not be where I want it to be either.

There are days when I have to do some work on myself before I interact with people and the world so that I am prepared for the challenges ahead. If I rush through those preparations, I can end up like that jack-in-the-box and lose my head.

Some people just have to worry about showering and breakfast in the morning. I’m honestly lucky if I get to those.

I usually make it to coffee reliably.

Mental illness means that showering doesn’t happen for me every day. Breakfast might be a Pop-Tart if any exist in the house. It doesn’t really matter if I have somewhere to be or not.

Mornings can be a struggle just knowing that I have an entire day to face looming ahead.

Old art by me.


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