I’m still having wicked vivid dreams even though I am tapering off the Remeron now.  I must have woken up five times last night.  Not a fan. It made the night seem indeterminately long.  Every time I checked the clock, it was still only 1am or 3am…

I thankfully do not remember most of my dreams when I finally do get up in the morning. I am just left with an uneasy feeling or one of being unsettled.  I just know my mind was active last night.

I’m frustrated because I think I’m going to be stuck at a certain dose of this Remeron for a while no matter what since the med we were going to try replacing it with requires paperwork from my insurance company and I don’t know if my nurse practitioner can do that.  So, I’m trying not to feel trapped.  It’s not the end of the world.  It’s just bad.

Old art by me.


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