I have been lucky that, with myself included in it, there has been a good team of people helping me to work on recovery.

I have a therapist who helps me to reprocess thoughts and reframe them in a way that isn’t so irrational. I’m going to need her this week. 

I have a case manager who is tenacious and insightful and pokes at me and fights for me when I am kind of unable to always keep moving on my own. 

I play the most important role in this team because really, if I didn’t put in the work or the effort, there would be no point in these other people doing their jobs. Sometimes I forget the role that I play. I feel like the helpless little girl that needs these people to rescue her, but I am not that. It’s just hard to remember sometimes when I am feeling stuck or lost in my own head. 

I’m worried about my current prescriber situation. With my excellent and brilliant psychiatrist retiring, the nurse practitioner is not going to be a good substitute. I tried that yesterday and that was kind of a disaster. I had to teach her pharmacology. Not good. It scared the hell out of me to be honest. My case manager is trying to figure out a solution. 

I am kind of paralyzed with fear over my prescriber situation, but grateful that I have people I can count on to help me with it it. Just trying to stay in the moment.

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5 thoughts on “Team

  1. Wow, I totally get that too. Meds are so important, esp with the struggle within recovery. I was using a PAC ARNP (physician’s assistant) who played the role of psychiatrist/ therapist/prescriber who worked with me for 4 years almost flawlessly with his knowledge, compassion, unique charm and wisdom. Loved the guy, and hope to return once I have insurance again. I lost my job over the summer do to a gambling issue, thus missed out on his care as I ended up in the hospital last month with a manic episode, after self-medicating with alcohol all summer. Now I’m dealing w/ a Case Manager, assessor, and a new ARNP as a result, and worry about my med care as well, as things unfold. GL to both of us! Thx for sharing.

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      1. Thanks hun, you too. Crazy about how identical between us tho. I rarely talk about my bipolar upfrontly, so appreciate those like yourself who do, as it’s been helping me discover how similar we are. This was only my second full blown mania since college, which alluded to in that other post of yours. I’m 42 now, and the struggle is still real for us. So glad we can inspire others tho.

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      2. Thanks. I have only recently really started being REALLY out there about this disorder but I decided it was time. I agree it’s interesting how many similarities there are.

        I hope it’s inspirational. That is one of the goals of my blog. I write for my sanity, but I also hope to maybe make someone feel less alone, and maybe help lessen the stigma surrounding mental illness.

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