Here’s some of my therapy homework. I’m all about being open and honest on this blog. It’s personal and kind of raw. I really hope you guys can read my chicken scratch handwriting. 

It’s a square kind of deal with pros and cons. It may seem really simple, but it does actually help me process when I have thoughts that I know are irrational. Occasionally I have a difficult time pinpointing the irrational thought, but usually I can find it, so this excercise is useful. 

If I don’t believe the new thought on the bottom, I have to start over with that one (or identify the irrational thought it is based on and start over with it). 

It’s helpful in any case. I have more that I’ve done, but this one was the most legible. 

My goal with this blog has always been to be as honest about my experience as I can be. It helps me and I vainly hope it might help someone else. 


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