Google does a crappy job of defining the word friend. 

My oldest and best friend is someone I’ve known since I was nine years old. She has been with me through some of the most wicked periods of my life and through some of the best. 

I am not sure there is a way to define our friendship. Sister doesn’t seem to work because I know a lot of people who have acrimonious relationships with family, and we have none of that, yet she is family. 

I can call her at any time and she will make time for me. I will always do the same for her. 

She has taken care of me after surgeries, during major illnesses and when my parents weren’t around to. 

I am full of gratitude tonight because she once again is here for me when I need her. Here to make me laugh, let me cry, and to listen. 

Everyone should have such a friend. 


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