I sort of flipped out last night. To recap, I had a tough day that I didn’t respond well to, and then I realized I couldn’t remember if I got a reminder call about my med review appointment. 

I’m happy to say I do actually have that med review today thank goodness. 

However, my coping skills need some work. I give myself a B-.

I used breathing and imagery for a while during group. That actually helped because it allowed me to stay in large group and not run out. 

I reached out for support from a provider when I was struggling to figure out what my distorted thought was. 

I reached out to a support person last night when my anxiety was through the roof and she was able to help direct me to other coping skills. 

I made art.

I listened to music. 

I remembered to take my “as needed” dose of anxiety medication (I forget that a lot). 

I still kind of had a massive freak out. I didn’t fall asleep until after 2:30 a.m. which is really late for me. 

I survived though and I figured it out. I didn’t end up drinking or doing something worse. I was pretty squirrelly. It definitely could have been much worse. 


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