I got tired of it being gloomy all day everyday so I bought myself my own sunshine. 

I was by my favorite flower shop this morning so it worked out.

I am kind of wrung out after my case management appointment. We had to do my treatment plan for the year today and so she read my assessment to me. Sometimes I would rather not hear those things. I know I have a lot to work on, I do, I just was kind of… overwhelmed by her assessment of where things were. 

She didn’t say that I was uncooperative or noncompliant or anything bad that way, just essentially that I had a ways to go. I didn’t even disagree with any of it.

There was a time when I would have maybe felt validated or pleased even that someone saw the brokenness that I felt. I do feel validated I guess but it’s not really pleasant. 

I don’t want to be a mess anymore.


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