I drrrraaaaaggggeeedd my ass to group tonight. I did not want to go. I needed to go. 

It was good for me. 

I kind of wish there had been more time to talk about some things because I kind of did not handle my day today well at all and I would have liked to have talked about that aspect a little, but whatever. I did have some time to vent and that was nice. I got some nice support from people. 

I realized driving home tonight from group that earlier in the day I had been so stunned from my case management appointment that I may have accidentally disobeyed some minor traffic laws earlier. Nothing that put anyone in danger, but just the kind of thing that nags at you. I feel guilty somehow just knowing that I may have turned at a “no turn on red” intersection kind-of-thing. Plus, it bothers me that I was that distracted. I’m usually not at all. 

I also had such a weird day that I am second guessing whether I even got a reminder call for my med review appointment. I don’t think that I did, which concerns me now and makes me think that it didn’t get put in the schedule correctly. THAT will upset me. I need this med review. My memory has been shot lately. 

I don’t know. Things have been weird today. I seriously give up on it. 

Starting over tomorrow.


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