This morning I will have the breakfast of champions: Pop Tarts. Not exactly the best thing for me in the world, but better than no breakfast. 

I have been trying to be better about not skipping breakfast in order to take better care of myself. 

It’s little things that lead up to bigger things I guess. I still struggle to shower more than once every three days or so. That is a fight that I have been fighting for a while. I struggle against a wall when it comes to excercise or healthy activity. I can’t seem to find the motivation. 

I’m starting smaller. Painting my nails takes a while, but I only have to do it every ten days. Getting my hair done is time consuming but that is an every-three-month type thing. It’s easier to do the burst things than the every day things. 

I’m working on it. I keep hoping that I will start feeling a little bit better and those other things will come. 

Image from public domain pictures. 


2 thoughts on “Pop!

  1. Whenever my husband picks up pop-tarts for the “kids” I eat them all 😦 I don’t even toast them…just cold 🙂 Also….hear you on the shower. It’s a big freaking ordeal practically 😉

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