Okay, I have to admit a couple of things here. First, I have watched Teen Mom. I know. I’m sorry. 

Second, when I saw the Daily Prompt today, Neighbors, I thought of that stupid show. 

There was an episode in one random season where Farrah was looking for roommates (I know, not a neighbor, but bear with me here). She was going through the newspaper and saw one that said something about a “bipolar roommate” and she made a face and said, “who would want a bipolar roommate?!”

I have to admit that pissed me off. First, I couldn’t believe no one at MTV had enough brain cells to edit that out. Second, really? I know stigma exists, but I keep hoping the younger generation will be the one to develop compassion. 

I haven’t watched that show since. 

Stigma is everywhere. Sometimes it is completely blatant like this example, and sometimes it is softer. Sometimes it’s a newscaster saying, “we don’t yet know if this man was just nuts or a terrorist.” 

It’s hard to digest sometimes and and it is hard not to get ruffled by it on occasion. I used to only notice the most most egregious examples, like the one with MTV above, but I find myself getting more indignant as I age. 

I am intolerant of the intolerance.

Stigma sucks. 

Image from public domain pictures. 

10 thoughts on “Undesirable 

  1. As a mentally ill man who has never had the desire to shoot up a business or drive my car on the sidewalk, I also take offense to the generalization made on TV, the paper, the radio and by the general public. In fact my family tells me I’m easy to live with. Keep sounding the siren of tolerance. Hopefully people are listening.

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  2. Has anyone considered that the people who can’t get their mind off the one-narrow-track and let others be without chronic comments and criticisms are also mentally-ill?

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    1. Well, here’s the thing on that. I have a diagnosis and actively seek treatment for mine. I have less patience for people who choose to ignore signs and symptoms of their own illness and perpetuate stigma by making horrific comments.

      Society-at-large has a problem with stigma. I don’t think that the majority of society is mentally ill. The statistics are that one in four people will experience some form of mental illness in their lifetime. That doesn’t mean they will experience it for the entirety of their lifespan either. That’s easily over 75% of the population that can help to reduce stigma that doesn’t suffer from a form of mental illness.

      Now, clearly I do have a mental illness so I don’t let the comments go. You would be right in that assessment.

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  3. I’d comment by saying that I’m in full agreement with your position but it’s clear to me that, as a person with a mental illness, you would probably misinterpret any comment I made. Therefore I will not comment. Problem solved. I have simultaneously lifted your burden and precluded the possibility that anyone reading might attempt to discern my own degree of “wellness”. Whew. that was a close one, eh? Shhhh…

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