I, like many people who live with Bipolar Disorder, can deal with irritability and rage. If it gets to the “rage” place for me, it’s a three day Simmer before I am fully over it. 

Ironically, it’s often the same amount of time with intense grief. 

Anyway, rage is a hard thing for me to experience. Thankfully, I don’t get very angry often. It’s uncomfortable physically and emotionally. 

Physically, everything feels tight. My chest hurts, my hands and jaw is clenched, and my neck is sore. I shake. Emotionally, I waver in between crying and screaming and silence. 

It’s difficult to hold that much anger and I work hard at not living my life like that if at all possible. Bipolar Disorder can make that tricky sometimes. 

This post was inspired by the daily prompt: Simmer. 


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