I LOVE glitter. ❤️ it. 

I use it in my art, but I also wear it every day on my face. Deliberately. 

I have this iridescent glitter powder (you can find it at craft stores) and I just apply it to my cheeks with a makeup brush. Much to the dismay of the people I live with however, it does kind of tend to eventually end up everywhere despite my best intentions. 

I started wearing glitter periodically, mostly when I was manic, probably fifteen years ago. Since then it’s become a Trademark of mine or sorts. 

I started wearing it every day after Carrie Fisher died because I read somewhere along the way that glitter was her thing too. I have connected with so much of what she wrote and tweeted and said that I felt like it was a tangible reminder on my face that if she could find a way to navigate until 60 with this mess, than so could I (I would argue she would have made it longer mentally, but cardiovascular risks with Bipolar Disorder are high and she continually taxed her heart in her lifetime). 

So for me the glitter is an affirmation of life. I choose to be alive. I choose to fight. If I’m a little more sparkly while doing so, so be it. 

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