I’m watching Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It’s a ridiculous movie, but it entertains the hell out of me. 

I am pretty sure my favorite part is when they all get smacked in the face for having thoughts. I feel like that sometimes. 

I remember going to see it in the theatre and thinking, “what did I just see?” I had read parts of the book here and there, but the movie really is awesome. 

I’m sure book purists will disagree with me, and I don’t have a leg to stand in to argue, but I laugh so hard through this whole thing. 

Anyway, that’s my self-care this evening. 


8 thoughts on “42

  1. Actually, I remember reading the book back in high school and while I did enjoy it, I found that the movie made the story more accessible and easier to digest. I never got all the way through the entire book series because the narrative is convoluted. It’s worse than the Never Ending Story in that regard – another story that I felt was better told through film.

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    1. Oh I’m so glad to hear that. I felt the same way. I just couldn’t get through the first book. The movie is fantastic. I love fantasy but I never tried to read the Never Ending Story though.


      1. It’s a very good story and the book does draw you in, BUT the narration goes off on these tangents and it seemed like just when you’re thoroughly sucked into that, he’ll say “but that’s another story” and return to the main story. I will say it does create a sense that the world is infinite and that the story is never really finished by the time you get to the end.

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