I often choose to wear makeup when I don’t feel very well. It’s a form of “opposite action” I guess to use a therapy term.

Basically, it just means that I’m doing the opposite of how I feel. 

It does make me feel like a Fraud sometimes though. I’m portraying a version of myself that doesn’t always exist. 

I do like to wear makeup and it does make me feel better, but I’m not always feeling like a sparky girl when I get started. 

Today I am somewhere in between. I was going to blog earlier, but I decided the makeup was more important. I am feeling a little anxious today and a little out of sorts, so it was more important to have my face done up than it was to get a blog post out before my therapy appointment. Thankfully though, I have time to do both!

I hope you all have a good morning! Take care of yourselves and find something good to do for yourselves. 

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