Sharing this artwork again of my shattered heart because it sums up the week. 

This week has been an Exceptional one for lots of reasons. The biggest is that despite all of the things that I have going on, and all of the depth of the emotions I feel, I’m not sitting in a psych unit somewhere. 

Up until now, that would have been where I would have sought refuge to deal with the intensity of everything that is going on. I would have been afraid of myself and my emotions. I’ve had moments, but nothing like I would have had in the past. Nothing at all. 

It’s exceptional because I have had some seriously screwed up shit happen this past week. My psychiatrist, with whom I have an awesome relationship, is suddenly retiring. My mom is facing a potentially serious health challenge. I have some personally challenging things coming up to navigate. My personal stuff isn’t serious, but it is taking a lot of emotional energy on its own and some emotional preparation, so that is leaching energy away from dealing with the other things. I have another family member in distress as well. 

It’s exceptional because I found out I still am not done grieving and I still need help sorting things out. I got some help with perspective yesterday that is really going to help me in my therapy appointment. I needed to take a step back and look at things from a different angle. I was so tied up and staring at my problems from so close that I couldn’t see themes running through all of them. Thankfully I have supports that help me to do that. 

Finally, It’s exceptional because I have realized how much I have grown. I wrote a post, Reflection, about my journey with grieving the loss of my doctor and the things I learned about myself. They were huge

It’s been a big week in my world. It’s still happening. I’m hoping that the growth isn’t over and that I can keep learning from what happened.

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