I have a huge perfectionist streak. It sounds more fun than it is. I have had to deal with the face that my closet is currently not organized by color and only by type at the moment for instance. Little things. 

I have had this streak since I was very small. It’s always been kind of difficult to tell though because I have a tendency to not be able to deal if it can’t be perfect. I will completely give up if I can’t make the thing perfect. 

This is why my old room is currently as jammed packed full of crap like it is.  I couldn’t keep it perfectly clean, so I gave up. 

I recently had a conversation with my mom about how I “wasn’t competitive like her” as a kid. I definitely wasn’t Athletic like her, but I was certainly competitive. I just didn’t want to compete in things I couldn’t win. I wasn’t going to win at athletic things. 

I’m still this way. I actively avoid activities that I don’t think I am going to be good at, and only seek out things I think I might have some skill with. This has closed off a lot of potential opportunities for me. I am terrified to take on different challenges for fear that I won’t be able to execute them perfectly. 

This is definitely a flaw to work on. 

Image from Pixabay 


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