My cousin is like a sister to me and she has the two most amazing little girls you could imagine. Of course I’m not biased AT ALL, but they are pretty awesome. 

The oldest is 2 and 10 months and the youngest is 9 months. They are a hoot. 

The oldest is at a place where she recognizes all of her letters and is starting to associate some of them with sounds, so I brought over some flashcards to encourage that and to help her learn more. She was SUPER funny with those and didn’t lose patience with them until we got to “Y” which is pretty fantastic given that she had never seen them before and it took a solid 15 minutes to get that far. 

I also went to a second hand clothing store that has a wall of toys and books 5 for $5. I found five cool books and a toy guitar with actual strings (they are super short). She was so excited.

The youngest has now mastered crawling and is everywhere and into everything. She is also super adorable. It’s fun to see how much she loves her big sister already. She has inherited all of the fun stuff I brought her sister when she was younger, and isn’t old enough yet to be sad that she didn’t get something new, so that saves my wallet. Pretty soon though. 

I know that it is good for my mental health for me to connect with my family. I had been unconsciously avoiding them for a bit while I tried to put all of these recovery pieces in place. I’m realizing now that the recovery Circle is not in place unless I incorporate all areas of my life into it. 

I think I thought if I did it piecemeal then I could bring things together at the end, but it isn’t going to work like that. You have to keep relationships alive in the meantime and children grow up quickly in just a month and a half. I feel like I have plates spinning in the air and I’m trying to keep them up, but it is a challenge to keep them all going at once. 

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