I have done exactly nothing today. I haven’t talked to anyone voluntarily. I haven’t gotten out of bed even except to snag lunch. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on. 

I needed to rest my knees because I kind of over did it somehow during the week so that’s been my excuse, but I also just don’t feel like doing anything either. 

I just want to isolate and hibernate. 

I’m concerned because I had a week or so where my mood was kind of elevated and now it seems like this might be the crash after. Maybe not. Maybe it’s just a thing. Maybe I’m just tired. 

I hate this illness! I hate not knowing what is going on with my own brain. I hate not knowing if I am reading into things too much or not enough. 

This blog is a lot of me emptying out my brain. It’s what I do here. It’s raw and it’s honest. It saves my sanity, or what’s left. Thanks if you got this far. I am a little beside myself today. 

Image from Pixabay 

4 thoughts on “Lay-Z

  1. I like this, not that you’re struggling, but knowing , it’s not just me. So it’s not just you either. I love that you consider your blog a place to empty your brain, that’s a great way to put it! Some days it’s all we can do to simply be alive, and that’s ok. Some days that is a damn exhausting task.

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