You ever have that feeling when you wake up that a day is going to be a total write-off? That’s me today. 

Both of my knees are pissed off now. The original one from injuring it and the other now from over-compensating. Walking sucks. 

I woke up with what may or may not turn into a full-blown migraine, but is certainly a significant headache nonetheless. 

Just from pain I want to call it a day already. 

I have those same tears welling up that I used to get as a little kid when something was really frustrating like learning to tie my shoes or playing that “Operation” game (man, that game was frustrating). 

I am just over being in pain. It’s tiring. There are things I NEED to do and I don’t feel well enough to get them done. It’s like the universe is sabotaging me or something. 


I know I am feeling sorry for myself here and other people have bigger problems. I just feel like this is starting to trigger a downswing and I can’t afford that now either. 

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