I got into a discussion with my Mom today (she’s 70ish for reference) about smart kids becoming socially isolated at school because of their intelligence. 

I know that it happened to me. I was bullied by kids who were perpetually angry that I scored higher than them on tests or was 1st chair in band or whatever. It was relentless. I was also overweight in middle school but I probably only got harassed about that one time by some annoying boys. I don’t remember it being a large issue. 

I was part of the “in” crowd for all intents and purposes, but I still was harassed. Teachers would say things like, “can anyone other than Kimberly answer this question?” and so on. It was embarrassing and it singled me out amongst my peers at an age when that is the last thing you want. It made me a target. 

My Mom was trying to argue that a smart kid who was thin wouldn’t have those kinds of problems and I thought she was completely out of line. 

She then tried to use the “well a thin girl would have a lot more dating options” line. I got really mad. I dated all through what would have been high school. I didn’t have issues. Honestly. She would probably turn green if she knew. 

Clearly school is easier for kids who can “fit in” whether that be physically or otherwise, but by the time someone gets to college, does that really matter anymore? It didn’t matter that much for me. I had lots of friends in college and I never felt left out. 

Being “thin” seems very important to my Mom even though she says it isn’t. She lies. Obviously. 

So what is your take? Super smart kids need to also be thin to make it? Does it matter in today’s academia? 

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