Mark Twain was the master of the Witty comment, whether it be in rhetoric or in writing. I often aspire to rise to his level of writing, but never achieve his easy going style or off handed humor.

This week is celebrated in libraries across America as “banned book week” highlighting books that have once been banned in places in this country, that are currently banned in other countries or are still banned in places around this country like schools etc. 

Huckleberry Finn is one such book because of the strong and offensive language Twain wrote for his youthful main character to use towards a former slave named Jim. The brilliance of this book is tied to Twain having Huck narrate the book in his colloquial southern twang and use that language. It makes Huck’s decision in the end that much more powerful. The language is necessary to hammer home the point. Mark Twain was not a bigot, but rather trying to sound an inspirational alarm across the county. It was heard at the time in mass numbers. It’s been a respected classic for decades. It’s also been controversial for a few decades as well likely by folks who couldn’t read past the first six pages or understand the message in the book. 

I think I want to pick a day to highlight quotes from some of the most quotable people I have found. It will be easy for me at first. I’ve already shared Carrie Fisher quotes here and won’t be again, but there are all kinds of funny and remarkable historical figures who had interesting things to say or write. Since today is Friday, I guess today is it! 

Today is Twain day! When I am having a rough day or am in a depressive swing, Twain quotes can usually still get a chuckle out of me somewhere. Maybe they can help someone else. Look for them in a bit…

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