My therapist set me a goal of finding three places I could potentially volunteer at that might be more project based rather than sort of repetitive task based. 

I guess I should have made it clear with her if I was supposed to call on those places and get information and apply, or just have a list. 

I can create a list, but I am not sure how realistic a couple of them are I guess. One seems better but then their volunteer application has an optional place to enter your resume. LOL! Since I haven’t worked in a decade, I don’t think I can put enough lipstick on that pig. Really. 

I just want to go in and work on a project and go out. It can be a one-day or two-month long thing. I just need it to start and finish. It needs to have a definite goal with marked achievable endpoints. 

I suck at endless sort of “I’m just here to answer the phone for 2 hours a week.” I would even be better helping in an office with different filing and organizing projects as long as it varied. 

I’m not sure what part of my personality this is that makes this so hard, but it’s definitely one that has made work in the past really challenging for me. I am glad I am finally piecing it together now though. 

I think volunteering is important for my recovery, but I’m not exactly sure where or how. I’m still figuring that out. This seemingly easy homework was deceptively difficult. Boo. 

4 thoughts on “Challenge 

  1. You’re making me entertain the thought of volunteering at the animal shelter but I’m too scared I will see things I wish I didn’t have to. It’s one type of volunteer thing that I think I would enjoy…hmmm.

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