I feel like I have taken my freedom of movement for granted. My left knee has been increasingly causing me fits over the last three months, but is now so stiff it’s getting hard to bend and it is affecting my ability to walk. I don’t know exactly what to do about that at this point other than complain, but I might have to suck it up and see my doctor. I am just concerned it needs surgery or something and I don’t really have the set up for that. 

Today I am going to try to Pamper it and not walk much and see if the stiffness and pain goes down. Thankfully, it doesn’t hurt too much, it just is really uncomfortable. It is making my thigh cramp up though and that does hurt when that happens. 

I’m praying this is not a side effect of my antipsychotic since joint pain can be. It just seems odd for it to be in one joint. I cannot bear the idea of one more med that I have to go off of. Especially since this one is working otherwise. I think I would choose crutches over the kind of crazy I was living with before the med. 

I’ve said it before: I hate the weekend. Doctor’s offices are closed. Everything useful is closed. I can’t even call to get an appointment for two weeks from now which is probably when my doctor can see me. Ugh. 

Walking is important kids. Don’t take it for granted. 

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13 thoughts on “Movement

    1. I will try the caffeine thing. Thanks. I’m all about advice on this that makes sense. Caffeine restricts blood flow so I’ll go with that. I have topical pain relievers prescribed by my rheumatologist since I do have mild arthritis in this knee and more substantial arthritis in the one that doesn’t hurt today (go figure), but that doesn’t seem to be helping the stiffness at all. It is probably keeping the pain at bay though.


  1. After twelve attempts, finally got linked. Erase the link above if you wish, Kimberly. I had pain so bad in every joint that I could barely move eighteen years ago. I went off all caffeine and within a month or so, the symptoms vanished. Since then I’ve started drinking limited amounts of caffeine, but if I start to get sore again, I go off it and improve. Maybe coincidence, but sometimes a very small thing can make a huge difference.

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      1. I like people giving me links as well, but I once had someone so incensed that I had given him a link to something that directly related to his blog that he told me to stop reading his blog and that he was unfollowing me! I had never thought of links as being invasive before, but for a very long time, I never gave a link. Now I occasionally do. But, that said, I always appreciate receiving them..Double standard, I guess.

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