Since my knee looks like a basketball and I cannot bend it, I’m sitting in the emergency room waiting area waiting for a bed. I don’t relish having to slide down the stairs in my house on my ass because my knee won’t bend far enough. It sucks. 

I’m not really a fan of the fun plastic bracelets or cloth gowns in the ER, but I would rather have my knee work, get a brace for it, or at least know why it’s not working and have a plan for that before it gets worse. 

I feel super kind of stupid since the ER is not exactly the best place for this kind of thing, but it’s the weekend and there is nowhere else to take this. 

I can’t take meds for this really because of the reaction I have to everything. Hopefully we can figure it out. I am not really okay with not being able to walk…

Image from wikimedia

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