The swirls in my coffee cup are about as firm as the Tentative plans I have today to organize some more.

It’s a dreary dark rainy day. I did manage nearly ten hours of uninterrupted sleep however, and that was on the higher dose of the Remeron. Some weird dreams still, but I also slept so that is worth it.

I have some appointments this afternoon, so if I’m going to do anything it needs to be before then knowing me. It’s just so dismal. 

We’ll see. I’ve been awake for exactly ten minutes but I do think I feel better than yesterday so far so I may tackle a smallish project, just to have accomplished something today. 

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4 thoughts on “Coffee 

  1. I slept almost nothing last night; am in some weird seasonal transition phase, I think. Think I’m going out this afternoon to a new café in the area, see if I can spot a new Janey, get her on a page.

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