I went and got lab work, went and got two fillings, and tried to go to the social security office today. Notice I said, “tried.”

Today has not been the best day. It actually started last night when I realized I had a case of the “dreads.” I am experiencing anxiety at a high enough level that I have the feeling something bad is going to happen. I can’t explain it, I just know it happens when I am extremely anxious about things. 

I got the labs done with no problem and to the dentist okay. At the dentist, my usual dentist asked if it was okay if a student dentist did my fillings today. My dentist knows that I have pretty extreme anxiety surrounding the dentist so I’m not sure why she asked me, but then I’m not sure why I did not say no either. I didn’t want to be rude I guess? The student was nice and did a good job but she was s-l-o-w compared to my usual dentist so that ramped up my anxiety. Also, they used a TON of the numbing medicine that has epinephrine in it, which tends to mess me up mood-wise for the rest of the day. 

So, smarty pants me, even though I was pretty sure I reacted to the numbing stuff last time and even though the social security office is a huge anxiety trigger on a good day, I decided I needed to get my business there done today. HUGE mistake. Two screaming older babies that wouldn’t stop. Parents yelling. All this on top of the regular floor show that is the waiting room there and I freaked out after an hour and fifteen. Couldn’t do it anymore. I just walked. 

So, I am going to sleep through the rest of today and hope for a better tomorrow.

Image from Pixabay 

4 thoughts on “ANXIETY!!!

    1. Thanks. Yeah. I am sure it was just the double whammy of dentist and trying to get that done on the same day. I’m just not very settled with limitations and it bothers me more than I like it to when I hit them.


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