I can’t even with this word prompt of Sympathy today. 

I didn’t personally lose anyone on 9/11, but I was a 21 year old transfer student to a large university in her first semester on campus at the time. I lost something that day. 

I wanted to fill my car with sandwiches and drive to ground zero to feed firefighters. I couldn’t turn off the images of people, before the days of social media, begging news crews for 5 seconds of time to hold up a photo of a missing loved one. Hundreds and hundreds of them. I watched for days. I saw the initial events as they happened and people choosing to dive out of the buildings rather than be consumed by the fire. 

I can’t write anymore. Today is a day that I still can’t cope with. As always my thoughts and prayers are with those who were affected on this day 16 years ago. 

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