I volunteered this morning at the registration table for a suicide prevention awareness walk. As you can see, the turnout was pretty good. It benefitted the local crisis line that is also plugged into national suicide lifeline. 

So many good speakers spoke before the walk kicked off. A girl read a poem she had written, another woman spoke about how suicide had touched her life and why it was important to encourage people to reach out. I was Overcome with emotion however, when the director of the sponsoring agency said that the helpline workers couldn’t come to the walk today because, on top of taking local crisis calls from the community, they had been asked by a crisis center in Miami to field their calls since they had to evacuate. 

It makes everything seem just a little more tangible when you see impacts this far away from home. 

The walk was a success and I had a great time volunteering. I forgot how much I love events and event planning and execution. I even got that little rush I used to get. I missed that. 

I also met a lovely woman on my way back to my car who was waiting to hear from her son who was on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. She knew he was safe from Facebook, but she hasn’t heard from him at all. I told her I would pray for him. His name is Mark if you want to add him to your prayers. 

Overall, it’s been a good morning. I woke up headache free thank goodness. I did manage to in gracefully slide halfway down the stairs last night, so I’m a little sore from that, but otherwise in okay shape. Just need to get a nap in today so that my sleep deficit doesn’t impact my mood. 

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